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Yogi Tricks

Hello Friends,

In this snowy day in the middle of March, while walking and incidentally slipping on thick ice,

I caught myself thinking about all the things that yoga brought into my life.

Little things- at first sight you may even say irrelevant, but applied on a daily basis they make your life a hell lot easier and funnier.

I never needed any help zipping up my dress ;
I always find my way through a crowded bus and manage to pass through lightly and unnoticed ;
I can think of over 20 poses that I can sit in, on a chair, comfortably, while at work, or home ;
I have a serious advantage when indulging in various sports, which demand holding balance ;
I have no problem reaching for inaccessible objects , and doing something tricky like putting the Christmas star on top of the tree, while balancing on one foot on an unstable chair ;
I can easily manage to scratch my back ;
My mind and senses are extremely sharpened ,but at the same time I can absolutely point my attention inward , while in a loud and crowded place ;
Sex is a lot more fun ;

This is how I feel today, when I draw the line. Try to always stay positive, no matter what. Namaste!


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