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In this article we are going to present to you the clothes and brands we like to wear when we practice yoga. First we would like to point out, that we are absolute fans of the combination yoga tights + top. If you are a fan of wide sweat suits, than you will find some poses very challenging, since wide clothes move a lot, like for ex. in “Tree” pose your foot is going to slide down, along with your pants, and in “Crow” pose your knees are going to slip to the sides of your triceps and you will probably fall down… That is why this article is going to be mainly about tights and shorts, tops and t-shirts. We are going to divide them into groups by materials and brands 🙂

I. Organic (eco) cotton

We can easily say “Buy yourselves only organic/bio/eco yoga wear!” and this will be the end of the article. But it would be a little too hypocrite. Us, practicing yoga, loving and preserving nature, does not mean that we are not human and wear only this type of clothes. Unfortunately nowadays the whole “bio” speculations have created a mass hysteria and have made the prices of these clothes out of this planet!

Pluses (+) – They don’t cause allergies. They don’t irritate the skin. Pretty comfortable. In conformity with nature. By buying them we stimulate the production of quality products.

Minuses (-) – Few models. Price is too high. They get easily amortized (organic cotton is very easy to stretch and in time catches a specific bad odor – thus you have to throw them away and buy new ones more often)

Anyways- if you have the finances and the desire to wear this type of clothing, the brand you can take a look at is:

  1. Omnitom ( ) Omnitom is a Bulgarian brand, which is recognized all over the world. All organic materials and very comfortable clothes. Geri used to practice in one of their tops and was delighted. Price range – Tights aprox. 50EUR, Tops aprox. 40 EUR
  2. You may take a look at online store . if you are in Bulgaria. Some of their stuff is Omnitom., some of it is their own brand. The models are few, but the materials are really nice and the price range is pretty normal – Tops aprox. 10EUR and Tights aprox.20EUR.


 II. 100% Cotton/ or Cotton + Elastane

he most accessible combination. Tights and tops can easily be found everywhere- even in the cheapest lingerie shops.

Pluses (+) Cheap price. Easy to find. They don’t irritate the skin. Very comfy.

Мinuses (-) Quickly get amortized. Often are very thin and see through. Dry very slowly. Get loose after a couple of washings. They easily get sweat marks.

 If you didn’t like any of the cotton choices, than you have to move on to different Polyester combinations.


III.Polyester + Spandex

 One of the most successful combination, for us, so far. Most of the yoga wear in our closets if composed from these materials. Of course, we are privileged to have allergy – free skins, which don’t react to artificial materials. If this is your case you’d better stick with the organic, or non-organic cotton J

Pluses (+) Variation of brands = Wide price variation. Very comfy. Stretchable. Fit perfectly to the body.Dry very quickly. Very soft, and stay in place they don’t slide down, or get twisted around

Minuses(-) In time they get a bit thinner, so some of them may become see-through. But everything will be just fine of you look at yourself in the mirror, from the behind, from time to time, just to check if your underwear is visible J not that anyone would mind 😉


  1. Victoria’s secret – Absolute favorite. If you can manage to buy this brand, just forget about everything else. They are expensive, hard to find in Europe, but are extremely comfortable, they dry as we speak, and this is the brand that we can swear that is eternal! Maya had a pair of tights, which just turned 5- they look brand new, with no damage or change to the material, no small balls, formed on it. She so didn’t expect for them to be so long lasting, that when she got fed up with the colors, she was trying to think of a reason to get rid of them. Price range – Pants- aproc 50EUR, Tops aprox 25EUR
  2. Nike – Nike Pro – You will be amused to read on the label, tat their all famous Dri-Fit technology is really 80% Polyester/ 20% Spandex. Very comfy, you can find them in every country, in every store (online as well) and they offer a huge variety of colors. Prices may vary a lot, because of the different lengths, they offer, because of the year,the model was released etc. Both hands up for the 3inch Nike Pro shorts for the hot summer days!
All time favorite Nike Pro 3 inch shorts

All time favorite Nike Pro 3 inch shorts


IV.Polyester + Elastane

This is the most popular combination, so here you have to keep in mind that the brand DOES matter! Look for something , that has a minimum of 15% Elastane, otherwise you are looking at something that gets very stiff and thick in time, and you just won’t feel comfortable in it. Obviously brands buy their production materials from different countries and the quality of the products is very different. We are going to point out two brands, that we love shopping from, due to the variety of models and colors. But there is e huge “BUT” in here. We chose our gym wear by its softness, by touch, since two pants , witch absolutely the same label and contents, can feel so much different.

Pluses (+) Variety of brands, colors etc. Easy to find. Low prices

Minuses(-) They get all of a sudden wide, or see through, or incomfortable, so you change them often.

  1. Oysho – Maybe the fact, that they are lingerie producers makes them so good at making gym wear. A favorite brand of ours. You have too keep in mind that they have extraordinary as well as crappie things , so don’t order online. You have to touch it, to try it and then to buy it. They have very interesting and stylish models and make great discounts!
  2. H&M – Very accessible brand. You can find them everywhere.But here you can feel the difference in that 1% Elastane – the most common difference in the contents of the Oysho and H&M yoga wear – the H&M ones are a bit more stiff, when you feel them. They have some very successful models, of course, but again – feel it, try it, buy it.
Geri is wearing her 3inch Nike Pro shorts and branded top The MOVE Gym (Polyester +Spandex)

Geri is wearing her 3inch Nike Pro shorts and branded top The MOVE Gym (Polyester +Spandex)

Maya is wearing an Oysho top with Lululemon shorts

Maya is wearing an Oysho top with Lululemon shorts

Geri is wearing both Oysho top and shorts

Geri is wearing both Oysho top and shorts

Maya is wearing an Oysho top and H&M pants

Maya is wearing an Oysho top and H&M pants

These were the brands you would find in our wardrobes. Lately we are showing interest towards Under Armour. They have a very serious advertisement campaign, going on, with interesting yoga models, so we are keeping an eye on them, and will try them soon 🙂

All time yoga fave Kathryn Budig for Under Armour ♥

All time yoga fave Kathryn Budig for Under Armour ♥

Lululemon and the Australian Lorna Jane are AMAZING, but the first ones are hard to find in Europe, the second ones simply can NOT be found here, so… fingers crossed, that someday… If you are lucky enough to have access to these brands, or travel abroad and can buy something of theirs, just buy EVERYTHINGGGGG!



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