Vitosha 100km Trail Ultramarathon 2016

– “Wanna enroll?”

– “Sure thing!”

Most people thought we were joking. The ones who really know us, knew from the start, that we were damn serious about it. And this was the beginning of an amazing adventure.

For months we didn’t talk about it. Each of us continued with our basic sport activities- Tennis,Yoga, Crossfit, Rowing etc. About a week before the race we spoke on the phone, payed the taxes, got our numbers. We didn’t realize that it was really happening until the day of the race. That’s when the adrenaline kicks in.

Turns out both of us got up at about 7 a.m, Saturday morning. We didn’t go to sleep until the next day,after the race. We walked around,met with friends all day,prepared our backpacks about an hour before the race and met up at 23h- overexcited.

3,2,1, START. Everyone starts running. We walk last, for we have a plan. About two hours later we start gaining on people.Lots of them. Of course there are the athletes, runners- we have no chance of even dreaming of catching their pace.

Our schedule – 10 pit-stops. At 9 we made 5-7 minutes rests. On the 6th one we took 10 minutes. We supply ourselves with water, take something to eat on foot and NEVER sit down, or take our shoes off. We sticked to the plan untill the end.

The scenery was amazing. You walk through night and day, forests,lakes,rivers, villages, routes,fields. It is so dynamic, that you can never get bored!

The pain came between the 40th and the 50th kilometer. This was a long downhill part- a path with rocks, where your start to feel your joints- pelvis,knees,ankles. That’s was the first loss of speed. 

Afterwards came a pit-stop and then a 13km steep uphill part. As scheduled we reached it at 11a.m. We were in a hurry, since this part was a field area, and the temperature was about 30 degrees already.

We knew we must go through it fast, so we put music on. And we thrived. We passed about 100 or more people, since we had no problems with breath, strength and durability.

We have been indulging in sport activities, on a regular daily basis, for as long as we can remember- with or without the Vitosha 100km race. We are thankful for everything that they have given us- discipline and some tough character!

We felt immortal.

At the 65th kilometer we took the 10 min break. There were tons of people.We ate. We rubbed our joints with some painkiller gel and continued.

The thing that really killed us afterwards were the blisters. I felt them cracking in my shoes. Each step became more painful. At each pit-stop afterwards we took painkillers for the feet.

No fatigue, no muscle or joint pain, no cramps.

We wore two pairs of socks,but it turns out you have to start with one size bigger shoes, since your feet swell. This was the only flaw in our plan.

In the last 5 km we had the lowest speed. There was a very steep part,that just killed us. It a strange feeling, you have the power, but pain is so strong.A true challenge for the character.

Both of us were certain we wouldn’t give up, even if we had to hand walk through the finish line.

And so we finished. Limping. Smiling.Laughing.Happy.

Until next year.

With bigger shoes 🙂


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