How TRX helps me in my yoga practice?


In this post I am going to look over a topic, which I know would interest most of you.

Each of us, passionate Yogis, find inspiration in photos and videos of the Pros, which we find on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. 10/10 case the demonstrated asanas are hard for us, some of them might even seem impossible… So we work hard (and slowly 😉 ), hoping that some day we would be able to perform in with the flow and ease, that our Guru’s do.

Most of the asanas, that inspire us , usually include Handstands, Crow pose, Scorpion and other arm balances, which demand not only flexibility, but quite some strength as well. Chaturanga is a powerful weapon in working our way up, but indulging in other sport activities can help you speed up the process J

Today I would like to show you my way of not only increasing my strength and endurance, but reducing stress and advantaging my emotional state.

TRX (Total Resistance Exercise)

Total Resistance Exercises are known for using only your body weight.  The only “tool” you include is the so called “TRX” belt, which helps you correct the position of the body and add or take away some of the applied weight.

In these types of workouts isolating a muscle group I almost impossible, since you are determined to stabilize your body in position, thus including the small muscles of the entire body. Imagine your body as a system, composed by many levers, which opposition the gravitational forces. The workout is multiplanar and  in order to maintain the correct form you flex your entire muscular system- basically your core is 100% engaged.

According to your body position, we may distinguish two types of movements- pushing and pulling. According to your contact point with the TRX belt – upper and lower body movements.

The TRX workout significantly strengthens your arms, wrists and shoulders and helps you master all sorts of arm balances. It also improves your focus and stabilization in these asanas.

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