Young girl in sunglasses

The world is big and… happiness is just around the corner!

Young girl in sunglasses

“The world is big and salvation lurks around the corner”…a charming movie, huge loss, if you haven’t seen it. I go back to it every time I need a little magic in my life.

Each of us, has found him/herself in situations, where you feel helpless, lost and just asphyxiated by the circumstances. Finding myself in this situation, by chance, I met a stranger, who told me that, there are these unpleasant moments,where you just have to go with the flow and wait for them to pass. Tried that, but the current kept dragging me down. The human mind is so enormously vast and deep, that at a certain moment, you may not be able to come back. And then you start to think – “Ok. Bummer. It’ll pass- that’s for sure – sooner or later, because that’s what time does- it goes by…and it heals all wounds. But what am I going to do with it, is of my personal choice.”

Right there I realized that “waiting for it to pass” was just a little bit too passive, loser-ish for me. You sit there and you wait and everything will come to you, without any effort – I guess this illusion lies in each of us.

So I sit there and I think- positive mind attracts positive things. Ok. Let’s imagine that happiness is waiting around the corner… Does it have to come to you, or should you make a step, go the distance and grab it?

And here, lies the crossroad, where the weak and the strong shake hands and go on different paths. One stay depressed and sink deeper and the other ones decide to fight it and seek happiness, wherever it is and whenever they reach it. Little by little you see the world for what it is- a beautiful place, filled with beautiful things and you start to put meaning in everything you do. But it is really your choice – to trip, fall and laugh about it, to enjoy the silence, when your phone’s battery dies. And so, little by little you start to swim up.

At the end, in order to hold on to the blogs theme, I leave you with a very special moment, where I found my piece of happiness, by the angry sea, in this blue dress.


Because sometimes, we decide to BE happy, against all odds!

Special thanks to Picsvet Photography by Svetlin Iosifov & Solo Shop BG 🙂 


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