The 5  Acro Yoga Must-Haves

Acro yoga is a fun, exciting and inspiring practice! It is also a perfect mix of acrobatics and yoga. In all cases you don’t have to be a professional acrobat to indulge in this practice, but it would definitely help ,if you have some physical culture and practice yoga on a regular basis.

First time we tried acro yoga,just a few years ago,was after watching an amazing video online, by the well known yogis Brihony Smith and Dice Iida-Klein ( We had never done any acrobatics, but we already were in pretty good shape, doing HIIT workouts,had the yoga skills, desire and will to develop in this direction. The process is long and requires full dedication and perseverance. Even the most basic  asanas require concentration, balance and peace of mind.

Before you get started with the Acro yoga classes, you need to:

1. Find SUITABLE PARTNER .The Acro yoga practice is an occupation for two. It’s important to find a partner, who is equally committed to the process, and who is not afraid to experiment. Your partner has to be in GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION ,to have the skills and knowledge. It is extremely important to feel comfortable with this person, because the practice requires a lot of touching and support. If you are worried by such a contact with him it is better not to try Acro yoga, at all.

2. Taking a look at the different yoga styles, it’s good to have practiced at least classical ( or another type of yoga)  for at least an year . You have to  have BASIC YOGA KNOWLEDGE  and SKILLS, in order to perform the different asanas in the air, it is mandatory  to know how to do them on the mat, so that you minimize the risk of injuries.

3. BALANCE is the basis of Acro yoga. No matter what  your role is. during the practice (if you are doing or supporting ) you need to know how to balance. Managing to hold different positions is hard and require an exelent balance and proper breathing. You can work on improving your balance and BREATH CONTROL in regular yoga classes. 

4. The physical and STRENGHT training  is mandatory, especially if your role is to keep your partner in the air. To be able to raise him/her, and hold the poses you need to be pretty strong. Acro yoga is quite intense and if you want to run a full hour practice, it would be nice to be well prepared.

5. The CONFIDENCE in your partner is extremely important. During an Acro yoga practice there will be many times ,when you’d feel like you are falling. This is the moment ,when you have to show uncondttional trust in the person you are practicing with and CONTROL YOUR MIND from freaking out. If you feel anxious and stiff your body up , you will lose your  concentration, your  balance and will fall immediately.

At last a total MUST do- start  practicing  Acro yoga on the SOFT SURFACE.  Let’s not lie to ourselves – there is a lot of falling  in the beginning. So find your perfect  partner and fly!

Namaste  😉 


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