Hi guys,

We have prepared an interesting and thematic article, at the peak of the vacation season.

Running away from the heat, and looking for some time off, many of us turn to the beach.

Some of us are determined to rest and relax while they are at the seaside.

For others, who are addicted to sports and want to keep in shape,

we have prepared some fun and useful,

optional activities that will keep them in shape and will be fun at the same time.



Running at the beach

works on all muscle groups tightens the body and melts

fat.If you have problems with your knees or ankles,

running in the softer, deep sand can help you avoid

potential injuries.


there is nothing more wonderful than a yoga practice at

the beach at sunrise or sunset,

with wonderful views over us and the unique sea breeze in our hair.

The ‘SuryaNamaskar’ complex is a wonderful way to

start your day on the beach and to engage the whole body.IMG_1985-m


TRX (total resistance exercise)

training is done using the special TRX belt,

which we can carry with us everywhere and tie it wherever we consider appropriate.

This type of workout is for the most enthusiastic athletes,

who do not want to miss a day without intensive training.IMG_2166


Volleyball is a great activity during the holiday.

The constant movement and tracking of the ball develops the explosive power of the body.

Exercising the whole body and having a great time with your friends is a priceless combination!IMG_1842


Cycling is a fun way to navigate in the crowded resorts,

where you can not find a parking spot for your car.

It’s also a good way to keep fit



This is the most refreshing summer sport.

Back in the crowded city this sport is much more complicated to practice.

Here it’s accessible to everyone at every time of the day.



SUP (Stand up paddle board) – for every enthusiast who cannot surf,

this is a pretty good solution for entertainment and sports.

It is normally used for paddling,

but you can find many other interesting ways to have fun with it.

You can rent one from every Surf School.

Wave surfing

Wave surfing – Pulled by the boat you are able to surf on the wave,

created by the boat.

The feeling if similar to the Hawaiian surf.

Since we are not at the ocean we are looking for substitudes

Wake boarding

Wake boarding – pulled by a jet or a boat,

you glide on the water in high speed.

Similar to snowboarding this water sport engages your legs and arms.


Wake Kite

Wake Kite- Similar to wake boarding there is a boat,

that is pulling you.

The difference is that you have a kite wing as well.

It allows you to make different tricks,

as it lifts you off of the water.




Windsurfing- extreme,

fun and very passionate sport.

People from different ages can practice it.

You can hire an equipment and teacher at every surf school.

The only condition for it’s practiceis having theappropriate wind.





Kitesurfing- fun, extreme sport that is practiced with board and wing.

The stronger the wind, the better!

After we gave you a few ideas for sport activities on the beach,

we wish you a great summer and do not forget to have fun!.

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