Stealing moments…the beauty of flying

A couple of weeks ago I shared a very special moment with a dear friend of mine 🙂 Paragliding was something that I wanted to try for some time now, but was waiting for the right moment. So this is how I lost track of time and reality:

Darina organized everything. She had already done it for a couple of times, so she recommended Ivan Kalibatsev and the crew of Paragliding Blagoevgrad. We met up at a parking lot in Dragalevtsi,Sofia, and the plan was to fly from the Kominite area (Vitosha mountain). We started from there at 14h, got up to the mountain by car and then followed a path (by foot) for about 15-20 minutes.

The weather was perfect- a bit cold ,but sunny at the same time.

The whole idea of putting your life in someone’s hands had always fascinated me. Taking chances, gambling with scenarios. From the first moment, that Darina introduced me to Uri and Ivan, I felt my place, We were laughing and joking all time. Total ice breaker, but at the same time Ivan was very strict at serious in his instructions, a person who really eradiates certitude.

Not a professional photo, but my favourite one!

 When we got to the place, where we were supposed to jump from, the view was amazing. There were several people preparing for flights and we waited for our turn. Darina flew first.

I was nervous, because the clearing had many rocks and we were supposed to run towards the edge, in order to jump. I though I was going to trip and fall 🙂 Running was, actually, not that hard. The wing is pulling you backwards, but is kind of lifting you from the ground. After three fail starts, because of some clouds and the wind changing, that fear had vanished. All I wanted was to fly.

I felt amazing from the first second I lost the ground beneath my feet…you don’t even realize when it happens. Everything goes light. The mountain is silent and beautiful and you are like a current, flowing and timeless. You feel nothing, but the beauty of the world. I didn’t care who I was, what I did, no past, no future, just this precious moment, that was NOW. No fear of falling,or dying, because it would have been with a smile. Pure, simple happiness.

Traversing the mountain and reaching the city. It looks like a game of Monopoly. Tiny, little boxes. And you are up there…stealing moments, building precious and unforgettable memories. Restarting your computer.

And then the fun started. Ivan did some paragliding tricks- a total adrenaline bump. All you see is sky, land etc…Absolutely amazing.

After about 20 minutes of total purity I reached the ground…but my heart, stayed up there!


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