Sports weekend in Porto Elea, Greece

Today I will tell you about a wonderful camp site, called Porto Elea, Greece.

We visited the place between the 1st and 3rd of May, as we joined a sporting event with a group of young enthusiasts, such as ourselves, probably best translated as “Upgrade Yourself”

The event looked pretty promising – daily Aerobics and Crossfit on the beach, running in the morning and in the evening , kayaking during the day, all combined with a wonderful atmosphere and sunny weather in Greece.

Sports weekend in Porto Elea, Greece

Sports weekend in Porto Elea, Greece

Our only concern was that we did not know the people we were going with.

I’ll start with the settlement- we had never visited this campsite. It turned out to be managed by Bulgarian and 80% of its inhabitants were Bulgarian tourists, as well.

We slept in a bungalow- this definitely wasn’t the best choice for accommodation but rather presentable- we are not pretentious. The good thing about it was that it was secluded in the woods, away from the noise and very calm and authentic.

Other options for accommodations were mobile homes and trailers. The campsite has a store, beach bar and tavern where you can eat.

The portions are enormous and very delicious
Nature is wonderful there- mountains and sea coming together. During the day we lay on the baech and the evening we listen to the birds singing us lullaby .

The water is crystal clear (as in most places in Greece), but there were many sea urchins.
We had a great time- the once strangers, with whom we traveled, did sports and had fun, proved themselves to be quite nice, pleasant to be around and sports oriented.

Sunny time, positive mood, many sport activities and yoga. We will visit this place again in September.


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