Silent Autumn

For me there has always been a specific silence to each season. Autumn’s one is my favourite. It has a specific calmness, maybe something nostalgic, a bit sad, but very relaxing at the same time…

In this beautiful time of the year I like to wear simple things, mostly one-coloured. Love matching my outfits with the surrounding and that’s why I mostly wear beige, white,green,brown…Today I am wearing my favourite autumn mackintosh by DKNY Jeans and combined it with a brown MOHITO bag and PUNTO leather ankle boots.

The white dress is 100% angora wool – CALVIN KLEIN, something I would have never even thought of finding in a thrift shop! Jackpot 🙂 !

Last,but not least, I adore earrings! So here’s a pair of my all time favourite ones, by УМБОПО . I fell in love, from the moment I saw them, because they are DIFFERENT. Like you and me 🙂 So feel free to express yourself in every possible way, every day 🙂 !


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