Newfangled Fashion Store

Newfangled Fashion Store

We found them by accident, they were recommended to us by a dear friend.

Newfangled Fashion Store

Their store is still exclusive on Facebook, but we can assure you that the feeling of wearing a simple T-shirt and tank was never this good.Newfangled Fashion Store

These girls give their best and make their clothes worth the money! A simple , basic model- always in white,but each wearing a unique and catchy slogan – this is what Newfangled is all about.

Newfangled Fashion Store

Your order arrives in style- carefully packed in a white bag, equipped with instructions of usage, contact cards… as if you have ordered a diamond ring.

Newfangled Fashion Store

The materials used are extremely pleasant. The size chart responds to the standard European one, and the catchy slogans cannot be described that have to be seen.

Of course we, from team Yogi Chicks, fell for the slogan ” The gym is my new boyfriend”.

Take a look at their other styles and tell us which one suits you best?


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Yogi Chicks

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