My Lovely Charm Bracelet ♥

Do you have a charm bracelet?

If you already have one, you are definitely addicted to adding new charms to it. I know this brings you all types of emotions.

Those of you who don’t have one, but would like to buy this little piece of joy, I would love to tell you how I chose mine.

The most common bracelets,of this type, in Bulgaria, are those of the PANDORA brand. They can be found in the brand’s stores, as well as online. Yes, they are beautiful and have a wide variety of charms.

Personally, I choose a SOUFEEL ( bracelet. I heard about them, after reading an article on the fashion blog Soufeel bracelets are identical to those of PANDORA, but cheaper. They have a wide variety of charms, divided into different categories-very detailed and original. I’m sure you cannot think of a single design, that cannot be found here. When I started filling my shopping basket with products,I found out, that at certain amounts you begin to collect different bonuses (free charms, a lower price for bracelet,free express delivery and so on…). I receiced a free express delivery and my products arrived after just 7 working days.

Here is my bracelet 🙂

Being a basic model (the bracelet) has a stylish, clean design. The charms, I choose were travel-related, as I love to travel around the world and fancy getting to know different cultures!


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