How do I really feel? Do I confide enough? Do I know myself? Do I really express my feelings? Facing some hard times in my life, I started thinking about how practicing yoga has helped me throughout the years. I have always been very social, I have many friends, but the deepest,most sincerest thoughts I have kept for myself.Dealing with problems has been a personal process,never shared,never discussed. As I,too, acknowledge the fact, that closing up is not the best way to deal with pain, I couldn’t help but wonder, where do all these emotions go?

They are all hidden behind my eyes and they burst out every time I practice…Yoga has always been my greatest companion and trough it I find some weird way of expressing myself. The angry and hurt me would flow through Ashtanga sequences, Warriors and endless Arm Balances…until I am so tired, that I can’t even remember my problems…

Meanwhile this helps me deal with stuff…My mind is trying to quickly escape the situation.But Yoga sais to me “No! Stay, Breathe, Surrender…” and as I slowly learn to understand myself, I also share myself with the world, my feelings,my thoughts,desires…like a dance…No need for deep,long conversations and analysis…Just me and my mat…

The Ashtanga practice is very powerful in helping you to surrender. To yourself, to the pain, to reality. As Kino sais “ It asks the strong to become flexible, the weak to become strong, the bored to become inspired, the excited to relax….There is so little we control”

While in happy mode, I prefer a more slow, heart opening sequence. Music, for me, plays a great part in my practice. It can quickly switch my mood and help me lift my spirit.

“Close your eyes, open your heart, and trust even if the path ahead is only dimly lit.”



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