D¡stract Me Fashion Corner

We found their clothes by accident in one of the Culture Beat Handmade festivals this winter. In  these exhibitions participate many talented Bulgarian producers, who make original and unique products.

Distract me FC sells T-shirts for women and men, sweatshirts, phone cases  and  coffee mugs with original inscriptions. They also sell ​​shirts “For him and for her”, suitable for couples, who like to be dressed in matching outfits  🙂 

The fabrics are very nice and  good quality. When you are ordering a white shirt, there is always a risk that it will be slightly transparent. Well, those T-shirts are perfect!

The size chart on the website is very accurate. With it’s help I ordered the correct size for me.

Personally I chose a T-shirt with the slogan “Find what you love and let it kill you” – inspiring, right?

The plastic  phone case is just wonderful, no need to comment-  gentle design, stylish and original and a good protection for my phone 😉

You can find the DISTRACT ME FC products on or on their Facebook page.

Enjoy  🙂


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