Are dates good for your health?

Both hands up!

Since recently I’ve become a great fan of dates, I decided to tell you some interesting stuff about this type of fruit 😉 .

Dates are the fruit of the date palm , which grows in dry tropical and subtropical areas of Africa and Asia. Here, dates are sold dried and packaged, since the fresh ones are very hard and not as tasty . Once ripe, they become orange and after their fermentation,they turn dark brown.

Dates contain large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin B6, folic acid , iron, potassium , copper, magnesium and other minerals. 10 dates a day cover half of the recommended daily needs of iron , and therefore,they are highly recommended for anemic conditions such as thalassemia ( reduced production of hemoglobin) . Dates also contain  flavonoids antioxidants, like beta -carotene , lutein and zeaxanthin , which protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Dates strengthen our immunity , reduce fatigue , increase endurance and concentration , and in addition contribute to the reduction of the so called “bad” cholesterol.

Keep in mind, that dates are very rich in calories, thus I don’t recommends eating large quantities , especially for those of us who are prone to easily gaining weight. In just 100 grams, dates contain about 280 calories. This fruit is rich in carbohydrates and sugars (mainly glucose and fructose) , which makes it a reliable source of energy.

Dates are very sticky , and easily get stuck on the teeth. This may lead to deposits on the enamel. So wash your teeth carefully, every time, after eating dried fruit.

Dates are also the ultimate tool for alcohol detoxification. They provide a rapid relief of symptoms such as nausea , headache, colitis . This is due to their tannins content (flavonoid substances, which are also contained in red wine ). They are known to be anti-inflammatory and to reduce bleeding and haemorrhages .

When buying dates in the market , make sure the package is well closed . Also keep and eye out for wrinkles on the bark- it shouldn’t be like that. If the dates are too dry, this means that they were either stored improperly, or dried in poor conditions. If the dates have a weird, wine flavor, it is usually caused by special enzymes. This is a sign of bad processing of fruits. Try crushing the pulp with your fingers,to see whether they are contaminated with larvae of insects.

Dates can be eaten directly , dried, soaked in water , or in addition to pastries, yogurt, puddings, jam etc.



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