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I want to start the section Beauty and Health with a review of a great Bioderma product, called Sebium AI Correcteur.
I always wanted to find a product that combines a good face cream, that hydratates and simultaneously conceals small facial imperfections, and a base that evens my skin colour.
My skin type is normal to oily s and I have always felt uncomfortable when I had to apply a face cream in combination with a fon de teint afterwards.

The feeling on my face was like I smeared it with something that does not allow it to breathe at all! After the first hour my face started to shine (and this occurs in the winter season , not to mention the consequences in a hot summer day).
This Bioderma cream has a very light formula which spreads easily and absorbs quickly.

It keeps my skin hydrated constantly, while at the same time my face is not greasy and does not shine throughout the entire day. The coverage does not feel like the typical fon de teint , but more like a BB cream.
One of the things I love about this product is that on the cap, it has a green ccorrector, which can be used to shade the redness around imperfections and must be used before you apply the cream.

The cream tightens the pores, while moisturizing the skin and smoothes the bumps.

The perfect combination of a good product on an affordable price. I recommend it with both hands!

Bioderma: Sebiium Al Correcteur – 30ml – price approximately 15 euro.

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