Avene Couvrance Mascara

Hi guys,

Today I want to share with you my all time fave mascara , which I recently started using- Avene couvrance mascara.

I am not really a fan of make up – I usually apply only a BB cream and on rare occasions mascara. My eyes are extremely sensitive and often get red and teary, so I don’t put anything on them.

In the beginning of the summer season, while shopping for sun care products ,I stumbled upon this mascara. The pharmacy consultant instantly started advertising it. At first a bit skeptical, I decided to buy it anyways, since the price was acceptable and I had used other products of the brand, which I was pleased with.

The next day, when I tested it I was shocked by the lack of redness in my eyes throughout the whole day and even in the evening!

The mascara has a silicone brush and is very easy to apply- the only flaw is that it is now water resistant, so keep an umbrella at hand in the rainy days 😉 On the other hand it is very easy to take off and you don’t have to look like Marylin Manson on the other day…

Both hands up for this product, ladies!



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