Hi,guys! We are so very happy to announce the beginning of our new project for Cvetybaby / . She is a fellow blogger, so very inspiring and passionate about her work.

You can read more about her here:

She will be making some very interesting Fashion & Lifestyle posts on our website 🙂

In exchange we will be posting some interesting Yoga tips & Routines on her website as well. So this will be a very cool Yoga/ Fashion exchange blog thing , that we are starting. Nowadays it’s very hard to find someone you can become friends with instantly and Cveti is one of those people, so we hope you enjoy our collaboration,as much as we do.

Yogi Chicks & Cvetybaby Project

Yogi Chicks & Cvetybaby Project

If you are interested in finding more about us, how we started doing Yoga, how we feel about it you may like our very first interview, that we did for Cvety:

Soooo. That’s about it. We will keep you posted on all updates on the project.We are soon preparing an article on Headstands – as well as some video tutorials 🙂 If you want to practice with us you can always find us at The MOVE Gym




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