It is a common belief that Acro Yoga vitiates the Yoga philosophy and is nothing but a  simple demonstration of muscle strength.

The truth is that, no matter what, behind every posture stand many years of hard work, consistency and self- discipline.
If we manage to widen out point of view, we would see, that there is something more to it than the obvious flexibility, balance and strength- Trust.
It is what grabbed me in Acro Yoga- the Connection between the partners- some form on silent symbiosis and agreement. Their own rhythm. Created throughout the years,often a natural result of
their friendship.

Here, trust has many aspects.
Trust in yourself, your abilities, based on many years of practice, self body-mind control.
Trust in the supporting partner- as every posture needs a solid foundation.
Trust in the partner, performing the asana- as he/she is the cherry on your cake 😉
The contact is very intriguing. Each inhale/ exhale, each muscle flicker affects you both.

The feeling of supporting someone,of him/her trusting and relying on you, is breathtaking. With each movement you can tell whenever he/she is calm,nervous or even scared. At the same time
you are to be stable and to predict contrary movements in order to balance.
You help each other. You work together. When one is anxious, the other one has to calm him/her down- balancing your emotions as One. As a new body, that is learning to move,but not fully controlling
its limbs yet.

Sometimes all you need is the feeling, that even if you do lose balance, the person will intentionally fall under you, to soften the hit.

The beauty of Acro Yoga lies in it’s spirit. It’s calmness. It’s silence…in the Trust.
And sometimes, when you fall (which I won’t lie, happens often), it lies in the Smiles :).


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