Three Youtube Yoga channels worth subscribing to

I spent a lot of time wondering around the Youtube space, searching for good yoga channels. I was searching for valuable yoga tips and home routines for me to follow.Many videos on this site are really inaccurate, since everyone can post a video and name it however he/she wants.The most common problem, that I faced, was the inadequate description of the classes- they were either described as “advanced” and were totally “beginner”, or the other way around. Throughout the years I managed to pick out three channels, which are particularly interesting for me, for my purposes and personal practice, and which I can definitely recommend to everyone:

1. Ali Kamenova

Ali Kamenova

Ali Kamenova

I found her channel a couple of years ago. She had created a very interesting style of her own, which she named “Ïnterval Yoga”. It combines classical Yoga asanas with High Intensity Interval Trainig (HIIT) exercises.  What got my attention and carried me away was her not sparing her efforts and giving herself away,with all her heart to her followers. She uploads videos, on a daily basis – most of them an hour long or even more! The titles are extremely accurate as she uploads videos for total beginners, as well as advanced students. She has a unique approach and if you follow her routines daily you can see a real progress in a short period of time. Her Youtube channel is suitable for those in search of good daily routines, to follow at home.

2. KinoYoga



Undoubtedly the most inspiring person for me! Her channel has classes 20-30 minutes long, which is perfect for busy people. Something, that makes this channel irreplaceable, are the short informative videos,which Kino uploads on a daily basis, containing detailed explanations of different asanas. Believe me- you won’t find more profound and exact guidance, as to the performance of any yoga pose,anywhere else. Kino is one of the most advanced Yogi in the world and her channel gives insight into advanced poses as well as to transitions from one asana to another.

3. Leigha Butler

Leigha Butler

Leigha Butler

This one here is my latest discovery. I stumbled upon her channel in search of a long,guided routine with many transitions into handstands and I honestly found my match! This girl, which I know absolutely nothing about, has a super calm and pleasant voice and gives some great classes. Of course there are different levels as well as some short videos- some of them even less that 15min long. If you are just getting into arm balances this lady will be in good help. There is something very non-standard and unconventional about her practice and this grabs hold of you right away.



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