When having ALL is not enough…

Yes, we live in such a society.

A society which pushes us to want to have everything – a good education, great job, a fabulous companion, a wonderful family, amazing friends, cozy home, brand new car, latest smartphone model, new shoes, branded clothes ……

A society, in which even if we had all of those things, there would always be something new. Something more interesting! Something we don’t have, yet! Something we could have, if we throw away the old one. Our brain is trained to work like that- we immediately WANT the new thing!

We throw away our well-functioning phone and replace it with the latest one, that has a better camera (we still have to be beautiful for Instaram, right!). The new car model looks a little bit better than the old one, which is still 5 years old, but it doesn’t matter – we change it, because that’s how it’s done these days!

When it comes to human relationships, the brain is arranged in thinking in the same way. Our society urges us to demand more and more from people- friends, love partners  and family.

The perfect relationship with the perfect partner is something fake. Everything is a matter of time and synchronization, sync of desires and lifestyle, life views of partners. If they (partners / friends ) don’t change together, don’t grow together and don’t look in one direction, everything is falling apart, everything that they have created dies irretrievably. They start to have different interests and meet with people with similar interests… Society forces us to look for something new, better and perfect for our current state…

Should we be reconciled with what we have at the moment? Should we be happy with what we have at the moment? Or  should we always look for more? How much happy is enough? Is there such a thing as sufficient and full happiness? Is is possible that this happiness lasts forever? No, it can’t – happiness is a variable that lasts as long as we can afford! Happiness is within us and depends entirely on us! We must feel happy with what we are, with ourselves and what we have. Happiness is variable and we have to fight for it every single day!

Really lucky people are those who do not allow their happiness to depend on third parties and objects!

” You know you’re winning when you’re happy for no reason. When you don’t attach your happiness to anything or anyone, you become free. “


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